Travis Decker 2011 BFL Piedmont Division Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake 2011 My First BFL

I was lucky the first time I fished as a coangler that I drew a very experienced boater, so it was not long before we started catching fish. I was pretty nervous trying my best not to cast on to the bank or upon the dock, or a tree or generally anywhere I felt like I was going to get hung up. But once I calmed down and was able to think I started casting in between the casts that he made. I started watching every unique angle so that I could cast at something different to try to make[…]

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Coangler Etiquette

From the first event I fished as a true coangler I have followed some simple rules. These rules have helped me have a great day on the water with 95% of the boaters I have fished with. Let’s think about what the boater has invested versus the coangler. Entry fee is normally doubled, they pay for the gas in the truck and the boat, insurance and spend days on the water practicing to find the fish you have a chance to catch. All the coangler has to do is show up with their own gear, chip in 25-40 for gas[…]

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The correct way to net your boaters bass

As a co-angler one of my worst fears has always been that I will knock my boaters bass off with the net. The last thing you want to do is cost your boater a check because of your poor netting ability. So I have devised a system that has given me the best chance to avoid this very uncomfortable issue. Step 1: Have a conversation with the boater in the morning before take off. This is important because every boater has a different idea of how it should go. Sometimes you will get an experienced boater who has been on[…]

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