Smith Mountain Lake 2011 My First BFL

I was lucky the first time I fished as a coangler that I drew a very experienced boater, so it was not long before we started catching fish. I was pretty nervous trying my best not to cast on to the bank or upon the dock, or a tree or generally anywhere I felt like I was going to get hung up. But once I calmed down and was able to think I started casting in between the casts that he made. I started watching every unique angle so that I could cast at something different to try to make a bass bite.

First fish that my boater caught was a 6+ and no sooner did he have it in the live well that I had my first fish on the line. That fish ended up going 4+. My boater was almost amazed that I was able to catch the fish behind him, but it would not be the last one of the day. I remember when my boater started working his way around the corner, so I decided to cast parallel to the bank when it lined up correctly. That netted me fish number two. We worked our way down the bank, and my boater put a couple more in the boat as I continued to watch the ripples off the water from the casts he was making and putting my bait in between them. I caught my third fish, and then it seemed to die off for both of us for hours. I kept plugging away with my little crankbait until finally, I was able to catch the fourth fish near the end of our day.

It’s been a few years, but I remember having over 10 pounds with four fish and my boater had three fish for 12 something. He ended up near the top 10, and to my amazement, I finished the first BFL I ever fished in second place and cashed a check for over $800. That for me was the most exciting moment I remember having as a fisherman. It was only rivaled by winning Coangler of the Year that same year, but we will save that story for another post.

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